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The curriculum used in this program to prepare you for the national coding exam is AHIMA, as AHIMA is the most respected name in the coding world.

Medical Coding is NOT medical billing.

Medical Coding falls under the umbrella of Health Information Technology.   In a nutshell, a professional medical coder takes what happens between a physician and patient, and converts the visit into code numbers... Diagnosis (ICD9 / ICD10), and Procedure (CPT4) codes. These code numbers are eventually sent to the patient's insurance company so that the health care provider can be reimbursed. 

 As you can imagine, credentialed coder's are in high demand because not only are we responsible for bringing the physician and/or facility top reimbursement, we keep them out of trouble by our coding accuracy.  (This is why we are paid so well.)  We are the backbone of all medical establishments.  

Becoming a medical coder involves going through an intense, thorough training program and certification process.  The course is approximately 35 weeks long and is now being offered through Medicode Pros of Folsom.  The certification is a national credential, earned through AHIMA which is the CCS-P.    Certified Coding Specialist, Physician Based.

This is a great career field in every way I can think of!  Not only does it pay well, but it's a career field that allows you to grow professionally, as well as work with some of the most amazing people you'd ever want to meet!  

What are you waiting for?  New classes form monthly and fill up quickly!

Small class sizes (no more than 5 people)

Classes are held days, evenings and weekends!

Become a credentialed Medical Coding Specialist!