My name is Kaye  and I attended Medicode Pros medical coding school and graduated in June of 2011. I learned so much about coding by attending this school and passed the national coding exam on the first try!   

I am currently working as a coder for UC Davis Medical Center. If you are interested in getting your coding certification I would highly recommend  Medicode  Pros and Andrea D'Anna.  This was a great experience for me! 

Kaye B.


If you are wanting to learn Medical Coding, Medicode Pros will teach you to code in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere. Their program is a combination of class time and self study. Their friendly helpful instructors are always available to answer your questions or additional tutoring should you need it. 

Patti B


I went to Medicode Pros. few years back. It was a wonderful experience. Andrea is very thorough. The course material was easy to navigate through. Andrea took her time to work through any and all "complicated coding techniques and sequencing. I never left her class confused. I must admit that I am not the best test-taker, but the course prepared me so well that I passed my certification on the first try. The most wonderful thing is that I'm working in my field. I am currently working as a Medical Coder II for Kaiser Permanante. I would recommend anyone to take this course. When finished,  you will know how to code!
Thanks Andrea,

Andrea C.T.
Medical Coder II


I was enrolled at Medicode Pros during 2014 and 2015 as a student. My field of expertise is computer programming and system design. From the 1st day of meeting Andrea I knew I was in the presence of someone who is dedicated, truly knowledgeable, career oriented and a teacher with field experience. Andrea is able to cut to the chase and present the necessary language arts, publications, tools for learning and support web sites that create success with accreditation. Andrea employs a building block approach to learning, chapter by chapter. Soon you realize that you know something about coding protocols and principals which make learning fun, exciting and fruitful. I’m impressed with the pace of the program, the depth of knowledge that I have come to understand and the ability to actually resolve real time examples. Although I did not graduate or become certified I am working in the health care industry as an IT infrastructure design specialist that requires and is based on ICD-10 guidelines. I thank you Andrea for your expertise, knowledge and incites. You are the definition of a teacher!


Chuck Dunbar

Folsom, CA



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